Andrew Miles - Stories

This page is for our stories and memories of our times with Andrew. A place were we can reminisce, share a laugh or shed a tear. For Andrew though it would probably be a tear from laughing too hard and carrying on too much! Truly we will miss that somewhat dearly!

Andrew Miles-Juhan Puhm Correspondence
From March of this year (2012) to November, Andrew and myself carried on a lively email correspondence on various subjects. When I reread this correspondence I can hear his voice and cadence so clear and alive. So sadly the correspondence comes to an end. For me this is what I will miss the most, talking with Andrew about music and art, science and the universe and the nature of reality. For me there was noone else I could communicate on this wavelength, that is, until we had exhausted a conversation realizing the unknowable absurdity of it all! A laugh, and a cup of tea, until we tried to make sense of it all once again another time!