Andrew Miles - Writings

Andrew was a wonderful writer with a light humourous style full of playfulness and clarity. His writings include the early novel "The Keyfinders Kismet" and the semi-philosophical "The Bounty Blink" which he also did the illustrations for in oils. A free verse poem accompanies his painting "The Platonic Supernova" and of course there is his "Cloud Book". A book on light phenomena and volumes of miscellaneous writings need to be sorted out. In time hopefully a large majority of his writings will be available here for our enjoyment.

Miles Note to Puhm 1991
A funny note in a slide box that included a q-tip to be used before the premiere of Mosaic (which it was!)

The Theory of Art According to Andrew Miles Volume 1 1992
Here is an anti-writing of Miles with a special appendix and a further elucidation by myself!

The Platonic Supernova 1993
This is the free verse text that accompanies the wonderful painting "The Platonic Supernova" which I hope to have up here soon.

The Wonders of Light 1995?
This is an introduction to the book "The Wonders of Light". I don't know if the book was ever completed or if it exists. It seems likely that the slides are extant. Possibly this could have evolved into the "Cloud Book"

The Bounty Blink (original version) 1998
Here is the text and illustrations (done in oils) of the original version of Andrew's wonderful book "The Bounty Blink". Andrew and Katherine at the time were actually making sunflower mirrors which obviously became the inspiration for the book. I wonder if any of the original sunflower mirrors still exist? Andrew as well recently revised the text. For now the manuscript is only available by request.