Andrew Miles

Andrew Miles in his Studio
With much sadness for those left behind, Andrew bid adieu to this plane of existence on December 3rd, 2012. There is so much to remember Andrew for. His love, humour, passion, focus and endlessly inquiring mind informed every aspect of his creative output and drive. Andrew is so ever present in his life's work that I scarcely can believe he is no longer physically with us. In spirit I feel him continually. He is off taking in and learning of the mysteries of the universe that are denied us here. And so here in time we can slowly build up this page with Andrew's paintings, writings and videos as well as our stories and remembrances of him. Andrew, I long to still be able to have a conversation with you in this plane, but for now I guess, I will have to settle for pan-dimensional inter-stellar communication! With much love! Juhan