Andrew Miles - Paintings

From the age of fifteen Andrew demonstrated a mastery in drawing which in time was quickly equalled by his command in oils. Over his lifetime Andrew must have painted hundreds of paintings not including works in other media. Out of his great fascination with light and atmospheric phenomena he created a magnum opus in his "Cloud Book". This book contains over 160 pen and ink drawings and writings of every atmospheric phenomena he could think of. Andrew's painting technique crossed the gamut from abstraction to photo-realism, humour to surreal works, landscapes to mindscapes. Slowly, as his paintings over the years come to light and photos become available, we can create a trajectory of his works over his lifetime.

It is great to start adding Andrew's paintings! While it is wonderful to see his work, viewing them on a computer just doesn't do justice to their luminosity and depth. In time as more paintings are added I will start further classifying them by year and so on.

Paintings in the Collection of Juhan Puhm
Over the years I collected many paintings by Andrew Miles, most spanning the 1990's with a few earlier paintings from the late 1980's.

Linocuts 1998-99
Here is a set of linocuts Andrew did between 1998 and 1999 that I as well have in my collection. Some are based on existing paintings. I have no idea where the original linoleums are.

Andrew also used to paint a lot of Murals. Many of them have deteriorated over time and don't exist anymore. There are some in Orillia but I am not sure of other locations.