Vocal Works

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Choral Works

Two Choral Works
(1982/84) Chorus

Men Are Fools That Wish To Die
(1985) Chorus

(1985) Chorus

Wordless Choral Piece
(1986) Chorus

Four Silly Rounds
(1986) Voices

Fall, Leaves, Fall
(1987) Chorus

Revised Version: Mp3 (4:08) (5.69MB) ~ Score ~ YT
Original Version: Mp3 (4:08) (5.69MB) ~ Score

Kaks Luuletust (Two Poems)
(2010) Chorus

Version for Mixed Choir: Mp3 (5:31) (7.58MB) ~ Score ~ YT
Version for Mixed Choir and Men's Chorus: Score

Vocal Works

Songs of Love and Despair
(1987) High Voice, Percussion, Timpani, Harp, Strings

Four Songs
(1987/88) Voice and Piano

High Voice: Mp3 (16:16) (22.3MB) ~ Score ~ YT
Medium Voice: Mp3 (16:16) (22.3MB) ~ Score
Low Voice: Mp3 (16:16) (22.3MB) ~ Score

The Waterwheel (A Tale of Tears)
(1997) 2 Voices and Piano

Opus Numbers

Five Fall Poems Op.3
(1995) Mezzo-Soprano and 17 Instruments (Dur 20.5')
Autumn Leaf Performance - Fides Krucker mezzo-soprano
Dairine Ni Mheadhra conducting
February 9/1996

Soliloquy (Echoes of Emptiness) Op.4
(1997) Soprano and Piano (Dur 23')
Queen of Puddings Music Theatre
Jane Archibald soprano - John Hess piano
June 14-17/2001
(first performed by Stacie Robinson and John Hess - February 7/1998)

Metamorphosis (Dream or Becoming) Op.5
(1999) 3 Voices (Dur 13')
Queen of Puddings Music Theatre
June 15-18/2000