Two Laments

Nightfall, new crescent moon
The western sky fading to darkness
Cezanne and Oscar chase each other around the yard
Plurabelle sits on a rock, by the pond, grooming herself
The enshrouded kitten I place next to her
The candles lit, hole dug, the fall air cool
A heron flies low, slow over the waves
Slowly I lay the sweet little one to rest
Lay over three geranium flowers
Gently release fistfuls of sand
Say my goodbyes
Return the rest of the sand
Strew leaves on top, kiss the ground
With candle in hand
Return inside to write this poem

Rest sweet kitten
Beneath this cool Fall earth
Would that I could keep thee warm
Within thine gold and twine shroud

Why seek I to frame
With haiku or other form
Pleasantly joined words and rhymes
When your time is all but lost and over
And only sadness remains

Rest now sweet little kitten
I shan't enclose these words with you
Sacrilege to profane your existence
With only my heartfelt ode

Juhan Puhm, October 22 1998