Three Love Poems

Green ethereal green
like meadows that freely glance
from side to side, hills to sky
and then with my eyes meet
or strong slender graceful trees
the whisper of a million leaves
dancing in the wind
like turquoise waves
whose crests for heavens reach
and all that lies beneath them
that I desire to touch
like two priceless emeralds
that shimmer as they appear
of untold beauty
when soft veils reveal
with your smile
streams that flow and caress
around gentle knolls
lost soft woods
and continue their way down
to meet and make known
from your soul
how precious you are
your world unfolds and I am drawn
and cannot help but wish, but see
into depths of life and love
and all that you express to me
Juhan Puhm, September 27/88

sweet eternal seconds that pass
thoughts scurry
in anticipation, anxiety
ears perk
to hear the smallest footfall upon stairs
upon the bridge
a car
a door slam
the rush of a torrential heart
murmering in the distance
imagine drawing closer
great falls
that come to where I sit
feel it's outpouring
mine rapids
crash together
a sound
a fury upon flight
sight, mine eyes
spirit, mine arms
Juhan Puhm, April 14/89

My love
You are the sky
The promise of morning
The miracle of bells that peal beneath the moonlight
Gilding the stream that quiet gurgles through the forest
Such a starry expanse silhouettes the sunflower
Fireflies and shooting stars!
Within you my love, with you!
Eyes lifted with love, joy and awe
My heart, soul, spirit joins
And soars!
Juhan Puhm, March 14/98