Spring Poems

Sought purpose of my
Winter's suffering journey
Found with Spring blossoms!
March 19/00

The clear silver pool
Refreshing my soul drinking
Deep Basho's haiku
March 19/00

Sky of moonlit clouds
Damp sweet smell of Spring arrived
Heart longing for snow!
March 22/00

Bright early Spring morn
Heavy with past ponderings
Shrill cry Redwing's song!
March 23/00

Mind turning over
Rotten cedar log surprised
My soul hiding there!
March 23/00

Heart's desired fulfilled
Stormy, Wintery Spring day
All covered with snow!
March 29/00

Time flows quiet through
These seventeen syllables
Gently lapping waves
March 30/00

No way out
That is the way out
April 11/00

Long I wait this Spring
By the old wise Willow tree
For the crocuses
April 13/00

Little Chickadee
Unafraid from branch to branch
Talking so to me!
April 20/00

Juhan Puhm, March-April 2000