Soliloquy (Echoes of Emptiness)
"The deserted south shore of Manitoulin Island, which I have spent numerous summers hiking and exploring, serves as a natural metaphor to question and reflect upon the death of my friend Lukas Tomin to whom this work stands as a memorial." -- Juhan Puhm

Louring sky of fading crimson
Against the dark grey cloud
Night bird, in brief moments you will cover
The rugged shore of my day's lone travail

Sounding rain, night grief
All the world's changed
Even the peeling thunder

Lay your body to rest among the reeds
Let flesh turn to peat
Your mouth will root the rustling cattail
Redwing blackbird alight your dark eyes to see

My hollowed soul still echoes
The woodthrush singing from darkened trees

Winter wren
All alone on your island
How complex your song

This morning full of life and song
White-throated sparrow
Now asleep on rotting cedars
Dreaming your last

Howl winds, rage storm
No longer will I take to shelter
I scream, defy your vicious gale
Against your fury I spread my wings
Engulf, heedless crashing waves!
What soul can withstand it's fate?

Cast upon this endless shore
Measure of passing time
What storm did raze your jagged shoal?
Dissolve, recede, deteriorate
Memories even now fold, evaporate
Farewell then
Soon I as well
Past unknown days
Beyond stony coast and reedy bay
To cold rest will lay

Juhan Puhm, November 1997