Sixteen Poems

At far reaching cloud's edge
The late evening sun breaks
Bathing in bright golden light
The cool wet earth

From across now glistened waters
Come urgent, strident, raucous cries
Of geese in sudden ascending flight

Over upward reaching
Wind creaked pines
A peering hawk
Almost suspends

I rest my head
On your wild jealous breast
Birds pass overhead

Goldfinches in the cage of the world

Frozen bay, cold wind
Mallards whistle by
Searching for open water
A dry lone birch leaf rattles on a branch

Thunding rain
All peaven night
The world's changed
Eeling the sounder grief

My grandfather died this afternoon
and returning to my music after the
phone call an ever tiny insect was
crawling along the table; and I
wondered was that him?

Song sparrows you have all returned
Singing with your heart of joy
Tulips and Tiger-lillies, up poke your heads
While the soft rain
Cleanses the earth

The Blue Jay screams
To the world
Owl! Owl!

Quick flee days of love
Starlings on snow covered boughs
Sadness in our hearts
January 1/99

I was going to pick these flowers for you
And then decided they were more beautiful where they were
And that I would share my memory with you
Manitoulin, August/02

Bright in the sun
Glorious green leaves
Only now lain upon
The snow of winter-storm
November 24/00

Together they stay
Those confounded acorns
Throughout the seasons
October 5/98

Slowly falls the snow
Through bare brambled branches
A whisp and a dance around
The reddish pin-apple boughs
New shoots barely break ground

I too will fly
Little bird set in stone
With your wings outstretched you are happy
I in misery

Juhan Puhm