New Poems

Six Poems
Oh boy
How my hearts beat
My feet reach
My eyes fleet
My words, words
And start again
Unfold again
And really
Who has time
For these words
These sounds
These ideas
And why should they?
Let us all free our own doves
Our own days
Our own joys
Planning, running, dancing
There is barely enough time
So let it be free
And happy as well as can be

Morning opens wild
Night closes in
Under covers I shelter
In warmth
Let me sleep
In you
In peace

When will I rest
Be content
That all is warm
The colour of fall light
Gentle, gentle
The joy of a newborn child
Dream, dream
Only in dreams
It all seems sometimes
Like a dream
Unreal, so real

Try, trying
Letting go
Filling, replacing
Running, thinking
Pursuing, run
Against time
Before it's too late
Fill the space
Share, care
You are only one
You're only one
To make rich
Your existence
Before time
Washes over you
And away!

How Many Days
How Many Nights
Will this glass forever be
Will this hope forever be free

I know, I know
Now what?
What can I say
I love you

And while you watch
And we watch
Slowly drifting
I wonder, wonder
How to fill my days
That empty before my eyes

And so I eat with you
And of you
And watch
And fill my days
Hoping, hoping
Ever hoping

Don't be afraid
What can we do
Except try to be free
And lead along the path
Hoping to be
Freely gentle
Not afraid
Not afraid
Not afraid

Juhan Puhm, October 25, 2011

Two for Robbie Burns
A Toast to the Ladies
To all the lovely and bright eyed lasses
Who wake and make the day dawn brighter
Who hold forth a gentle hand
And make our load a little lighter

Who greet us with a smile
Let us tarry here awhile
And upon whose breast we may rest our head
When the weary day falls upon it's bed

Blessed lasses, bonnie lasses
To all who may here hearest
Blessed lasses, bonnie lasses
Away and by far the fairest

Juhan Puhm, "Robbie Burns", 2012

A Third Verse to "A Red Red Rose"
Tho' it were ten thousand miles, my love!
Across oceans I would fly
And I will come again my love
O'er mountains deep and high!

O'er heather, glen and dale I'll sing
Dear, that which my heart knows!
My Love is like the melodie
My Love is like a Red, Red Rose!

Juhan Puhm