I am a poet (or philosopher), not a mechanic
A bicycle is more my speed
I'd rather order record needles from Canadian Astatic
And populate the planet with the progeny of my seed!
Juhan Puhm, Summer, 2021

Your Cupboard
Glasses to hold candles that give light
A large heavy bag to fill with dreams
A drum to remind you how your heart beats
Music that sounds from all your walls
A magic rattle that speaks only with your voice
Glass irises that let the light shine through
A Yin and Yang for the balance of life
So many found objects, each with a soul
The vibrating pleasures of the body and mind
A lavender box to keep safe your secrets within
A fixed bracelet for your beautiful hands
A brush for your raven hair
Gifts of love and light and wonder
Gifts of love and light and joy
A path to choose, a path of light
Your soul to live, your spirit to delight
And gentle dreams of new life

And garden shears to cut away the dead
I beg, beg, beg of you, don't choose the darkness

Oh, and three white binders for thoughts divine!
Juhan Puhm, September 24, 2021

A Poem
The coolest girl I know
Naturally cool
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Think upon our month of bliss
That is everything we can be together
Love and happiness and joy and peace
But then came the darkness
That hates the light
That beat us down with its stones
Until we were pulp upon the ground
And we died and returned into soil
But the sun shone, the rains came
And new saplings sprung anew
The vines grew and entwined
And gave forth beautiful flowers
That looked to the sky
And collected dew
It is not possible to destroy love
Love will always grow anew
The coolest girl I know
Naturally cool
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Juhan Puhm, September 27, 2021

I am centering the ship, bringing her around
The waves and storm almost broke our back
Swamped us till we almost drowned
But hope and prayer and stalwart hand
Through the endless violent, stormy night
Will bring us home again to land
Juhan Puhm, September 27, 2021

One can choose the light
Or one can choose the darkness
It is pretty much as simple as that
Juhan Puhm, September 27, 2021

If God meant us to wash our hair
He would have put a soap dispenser on our head!
Juhan Puhm, September 28, 2021

It is easy to enslave everybody
When you let them believe they are free
Juhan Puhm, Summer, 2021

A Modern Poem
There is a tractor doing what tractors do
Forever I have forgotten the second line of this poem
Two squirrels play on the porch
On a shelf, a jar of beets


My umbrella is broken
Juhan Puhm, October 30, 2021

You blew out of here like a storm
And left the gate unlatched
Juhan Puhm, November 4, 2021

You are like playing with fire
And when one plays with fire one always gets burned
Because that is what playing with fire is
Juhan Puhm, November 4, 2021

We end where we began
With a cup of tea

One gets a nice view of the stars
Lying on the ground on one's back

One door closes and another opens

As always I pick myself up
And dust myself off
Juhan Puhm, November 5, 2021

When there is rubble around you make duck soup
Chicken soup will do as well
Juhan Puhm, November 5, 2021

I am still eating leftovers
Frozen and otherwise
From two previous relationships
How is that even possible?
Juhan Puhm, November 5, 2021

Undoing buttons that you've never undone before
Take off your lavender top
And put your white shirt back on

I want your body, your bloody body

Now we're fulfilled

You throw it out
Even if it is stupid
Because it becomes something
That's my profundity

Stop, stop

Who are you?
Just put all the things I say on repeat
I repeat to you

Oh my God

Now its your turn to contribute
I just feel like I've exhausted myself

It's almost like they are in here
I like the sound of them

There's no letting go
You put a heart on my bottlecap
Juhan Puhm, Fall, 2021

Because it's Raining
I love your wetness
In the rain

I love your hardness
Your radical brain

I love seeing, feeling your openness

I love touching your heaviness

Give me more
Your open door
Come inside

Open the door and come inside
Your wet and it's raining (that feels nice)
The Rocky hour of time
Hard like the earth

Go back to what you were doing
With the tip and your other hand

Your too busy writing and I'm busy waiting
Your dancing fingers on my......(piano)

My ivory keys, my wet lips, because it's raining
Make me come again over your Maddening Bridges
Your getting nice and hard again
I touch you between your lips
Let's just keep doing this
Doctor, doctor I think you just cured me

I smell the fire burning in the morning sun
Juhan Puhm, Fall, 2021

I give myself to a dream
A dream of new life
A dream of a new life
And if I fail
At least I have dreamed
Juhan Puhm, Fall, 2021

Juhan Puhm, February 14, 2022

I lived a dream life for fifteen years with one I loved
And I gave that up for a dream of dreams with you
That evaporated when you destroyed them

I shared a life with the most wonderful person I still know
I gave that up for hopes of a shared life with you
That never came to be

My soul every day for a decade and a half was nurtured
By a kind and sweet soul
I gave that up for an onslaught against my soul
Of anger and gaslighting by you
Juhan Puhm, March 17, 2022

Everything for you
In your borderline mind
Is a fight

But you can't destroy me
Undermine my center
Take away my happiness
Juhan Puhm, March 17, 2022

Oh boy, when the body gets chemically taken over there is no resisting
I miss the one I love and still love, I miss the dreams I dreamed to dream
And I am thankful for the wild ride and deep passion we had
But I should be even more thankful to have escaped
A life of endless torment with you!
Not all deep waters are calm, and the deep waters we shared
Will never, ever release our souls
And that occurs about once in a lifetime, if that
And will tear one from the highest highs to the lowest lows
And will never, ever, ever let one go
And will always be part of ones deep mind and being
As the past and what was, is so hard and almost impossible to let go
Especially one so deeply, naturally connected and expressive
That its loss is nothing more than the most profoundest tragedy
Let's hope new life can spring from such a torched calamity
And though in the long run I am far better off
It doesn't make it any easier
Juhan Puhm, March 17, 2022

And Basti the beautiful stuffed dog
I gave to you for Christmas
Said he would stay here with me
To help me through the searing
Pain and loneliness of February
Your cruelty
And hope together that you
Would come back to the both of us
But when mid-March rolled around
We both agreed that you should return
To the one who was the recipient of your gift
And she would look after you well
As it is only right
Though I will miss you!
Maybe one day we will
See each other again!
Here's hoping!
Juhan Puhm, March 17, 2022

When dreams die, lovers die
When lovers die, dreams die
Juhan Puhm, March 17, 2022

For two and a half years we were in each other's life
It should have been forever
Then again...maybe not!
Time always ran different for us
Juhan Puhm, March 17, 2022

The last sounds of your voice
I erase from the answering machine
I smudge the house and myself
The full moon is tonight
Soon it will be Spring
And I will rake out the dead growth
The ice will leave soon
And purple and white crocuses will poke up their heads
And I open the doors
And breathe the fresh air!
Juhan Puhm, March 17, 2022

Lutsi Hanna you talk to me from beyond
And I talk back to you, your presence is so real
Am I mad?
Or do I trust the universe that you actually exist?

If you want to be born
Then you must send someone to be your mother
You are in the beyond
So I am sure it is in the realm of your possibility

But maybe send someone better than last time
A borderline, nightmare, trainwreck
Endlessly gaslighting, angry, manipulative and abusive
Who sucked my soul dry
Skinned me alive
Kicked me in the head
And left me to bleed in the ditch
As she cruelly walked away laughing

I think both of us can do with your mother being better than that
So don't blame me
It is beyond my control
And if that is still who you want
You don't need me

So choose someone good and happy and nurturing for both of us
And hope for a beautiful long happy rich life!
Juhan Puhm, 2022

Emotions are the mind's revenge on the body
Juhan Puhm, 2022