Music Lessons Description

Music Lessons
I offer a wide and very comprehensive range of Music Instruction
from absolute beginners to advanced studies. Located at 1 Puget St.
in the east end of Barrie. ~ 705 722-4928 ~ ~

Guitar Lessons
All ages and all styles! Classical guitar, popular guitar, chording, electric guitar, rock, blues, lead, rhythm, bass, jazz, song writing. Also advanced studies in scales, modes and theory. RCM exam preparation.

Piano/Harpsichord Lessons
Beginner to Intermediate. Conservatory piano, popular piano, chording, play by ear, song writing. Also advanced studies in composition. RCM exam preparation.

Highland Bagpipes
Beginner to Advanced. Comprehensive instruction from chanter to full pipes!

All Royal Conservatory of Music theory grade preparation. Rudiments, Harmony, History, Counterpoint, Analysis, Composition.

In depth study with an award winning composer. Vocal, choral, chamber, orchestral.

Miscellaneous Instruments
Banjo, mandolin, ukulele and any other instruments you might have that you would like to learn, and that hopefully I can help you with!

Music Lessons and Singing
The best way to learn music is by playing music! And one of the best ways to learn an instrument is by singing! These two go hand in hand and really form the basis of how I teach. There are many styles of music and music can become an extensive study. Whether you would just like to chord and sing to your favourite song, learn how to write your own music or study the complexities of music theory, the direction you choose is your own.

There is usually a change in teaching focus around the age of 13 or 14. At that age or older the student is usually not interested in classical music. The reason they want to take guitar or piano is to be able to play their favourite songs. In one sense what the student really would like is song lessons! and songs have singing! The voice is a gentle thing and it takes sensitive teaching to develop confidence in the student of their own abilities to sing. The result though is a lifetime of joy in playing and singing music! Songs and singing is really the heart of making music no matter how accomplished one can become as an instrumenalist!

For younger students the teaching focus is different. Here is an opportunity to lay down a solid musical foundation that will form the basis of any style they wish to pursue as they get older. This includes reading music, setting the hands for classical guitar, slowly understanding how chords, scales and modes are constructed and so on. Even so, right from the first lesson singing is integral. A younger student will readily sing while sometimes an older student is more self conscious. Language and singing again is the beginning of music. Rhythm, reading and most of all enjoyment readily fall into place. A page of written music is not music, it is a group of symbols that convey information, that is all. The faster one can move past it and not bog down in it the better. As well, the faster one can diversify the better. Even though for young students the approach may be considered more comprehensive it isn't long before elements of popular music and chording are introduced, the real world for that matter. Further to that, just making up music and improvisation naturally follows. In one sense music teaches how to play music! These are the two main approaches to beginning students.

If you are an advanced student there is also much to be offered. This can include instruction in all the Royal Conservatory of Music theory grades, composing, arranging, orchestration, even coaching for a fourth year university Atonal Theory course! If it has to do with music I teach it! Old or young whatever your interest !