Instrument and Tube Amplifier
Repair and Set-up

Tube Amp 1

Yup...most things eventually break. can let it sit in the corner forever or get it fixed. Problem is that it's not always easy to find someone to fix that vintage amp or rewire your guitar. Seems to be one of my lifes fates to be continually designing, making, fixing or modifying most things!

Any guitar will always be improved by being set up correctly. Intonation, action and truss rod adjustment are straight forward and easy to do and will make a world of difference in the response of the instrument. Not sure how to install a new set of pick-ups or split the coils using a push-pull tone control. You've come to the right place. Mods, repairs and set-ups are the main procedures to getting the most out of your instrument.

Most tube amplifiers are resilient beasts that seem to work forever. When they go down it is a real drag and more of a drag trying to get them repaired. The older the amp is the easier it is to repair or restore, simple as that. You aren't going to want to modify a nice old Fender Blackface amp. More than likely you would like it returned to original specs, reliable and up and running. Old amplifiers are a precarious combination of what exactly to replace and what not to. As little as possible would seem to be the best place to start. The reality is that capacitors dry out, power caps eventually fail, a three prong cord is way safer and tubes don't last forever.

Not everything is easy to mod but early 70's Fender Silverfaces and late 70's Marshalls are good candidates. Early Siverfaces are not that far removed from Blackfaces and there is always something you can do to soup up a Marshall!

That about covers it for guitars and amps but there is a ton of other stuff out there. Some instruments maybe I can fix, some maybe not. Of course I am always interested in vintage equipment you may be selling, working or otherwise!

Somewhere down the line I will post a number of amplifier and tone circuits I have designed or modified. All the best!