Flying Back From Iceland

The sun never sets on your love
When I am falling out of the sky
Like an exploding star
Floating to the ground with broken wings
On top of mountains
Soaring, soaring, soaring
Always, always to you always

Beneath a rock of a torrent river
There you may find me
It is good my memory
No longer serves me
It frees me to the now of you, always

Your fire of the endless day
Of wind and sun at the mountain's edge
I fall, I fly
Why, why be afraid anymore?
Higher, higher
There you will find me
Where you always have been!

If dandelions breathe
They breathe the scent of you!

How is this all so?
So small a shell I hold between my fingers

On a beach red with your love
Am I a cast log adrift

Beneath the ages of crumbling stones
Flowers, always lovely flowers

Now I wait, now I dream
In your endless arms

Of the enfolding sky
Awake in shimmering light

Of the endless night
That is always you

When your eyes shimmer
Like the stars

That endless float from your smile
Wait, wait

When all will be one
Like the wasp staying warm

In the heart of a flower
Against the cold wind

That warms the universe
Of your love

Once again and always
Evermore and evermore always

Away float dandelion seeds
When you breathe your breath of love

Up here, up here I listen
I am, I am, I am
Maybe then
The endless paths of the glaciers
Below that leave tears of lakes
Waiting their return

And how fares the water lily
Beside the shore
That just is
With no one to praise it's beauty
And every night it closes its petals?
I am, I am, I am

I am, I am, I am,
No more wonder
I am wonder myself
Myself to myself
I wonder my wonder
My wonderful you
To you I return

Who would think the clouds
The blades of grass
The falling mountains
Held up by the wonder
Of the universe?

And must I be here
Is my seeing a part of their fulfillment
And when we are gone
Will all be sadness?

Did the river joy in my crossing
The cold wind in my caring?
The pass in my ascent and descent
Shiver awhile?

Where is any uderstanding to be found
Beneath a rock, beside a petal
Beneath the wing of a flying fly?

It's not like it is easy to understand
Any of this at all, at all
At all, at all, at all

And where is worry to be found
Why bother worrying at all?
Does it really matter so
At all, at all, at all?


In my eyes you say
The magnificent brightness
Is more we can take in
Who knows any more than I?

I know all that isn't known
Is known not at all
Sand to mountains
Crazy mountains

There was a day I could remember
But I don't think it matters any more
To the sky soar high temples
Of our forgetfulness

And though we may be free of our bodies
We would never want to be
Free of our desires

If I scream it is ony to keep awake
To put one foot in front of the other
To keep moving on towards
The inexplicable

But I think you have come
Back to help me for which
I am thankful

Some choose the stony path
Whether of my knowing or not
And work hard to see it through
To breathe it through
Believing, believing

And I can breathe the
Unbelievable music of my soul
As windows fall away
And together you love me
Love, love, love me
I really do the best I can
You are the journey of my love

When I breath no more
Then I will breathe the universe
The stars and river stones
The flowers and birds
The flies and bees and
Always you, always you, always you

As I descend through the earth
A drop of moisture pulled
Upwards to the flower heart
Following the sun that is you
I will always be your dandelion

Warm me through the summer
Until I float away on the wind
As you watch me play
On the breeze
Eaten by a fish
Lost for a million years
To appear a shiny fleck
Among the granite
Catching the light of you
In the eye of a child
You, You, You


I count the numbers, the words, the pages
It really doesn't matter
If it was up to me I think
We would all still be amoebas

I don't know how bridges are built
I am a slave to my desires
We are all slaves to our desires
You fly, You fly, You fly
And I haven't really learned anything
And I don't know how to give up.

Breathe me, breathe me your energy
My eyelashes come together in sleep
As the sweeping wind howls past my mind

My mind, my old friend my mind
My life, my old friend my life
Small lake reflecting in the sun
What life have I created for myself
I am afraid or do I need to worry
At all?

Time, my old friend time
Where is there to return to?
When I echo away
Such beautiful music to listen to
I am tired, like a...
Like a road, etched on the landscape
Knowing it leads somewhere
That I am not going

I rest my head on your bosom
On your lap as you stroke my hair
I know you know
That you have chosen me
And I long for you

I long for you
For the hope you bring me
As I perch on your finger
It's alright, it's alright
You say

Higher and higher
No fear of falling
As I tumble in joy, laughing

Laughing can be hard
Zig-zagging Zig-zagging
Like rivers etched on the mind
Snails live in the hollow
Acres of land
Coming home to you
To the land and sky and rivers I love
Louder, louder, louder
Will I be a reed in my next life?
Amazing you, thank you!
And the temple rises on the horizon

Coming down, coming down
Through the clouds
Sunshine on the wing
Big sun on the waters
Let me write for you
The sounds of our love
As grand as the universe
On a butterflies wings
Your hand holding a caterpillar
Coming down, coming down


Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
Think good, always good
And time will tell
That it is right
Even though you aren't sure
And I'm flying home to you
It is now, always now
Cry, cry, cry
The music's too loud
Don't think too much anymore
It really doesn't matter
Feel, feel, feel, feel, feel
I said feel from now on
Accept it all, I will try
Just play now and give
Give, give, give, give
It will all turn out well
You are only you
And others knock loudly
At your door
It's only those that have
Come before
Whose day is done
Don't look back any more
Don't compare any more
Just me, just be
Richer sounds
Don't be afraid
Do it

A bus, a yellow bus
Drove out of my mind
Into your heart

It was a rainy day
By the side of the road
I didn't know

Switching gears of my heart
A little tent
And a big start

Let's go let's go let's go!
We can't follow every road
Turn on the radio!

And when the sun sets
We'll sleep
And when it rises
We'll bask in its warmth!

Half rhymes and high notes
A chugging engine drumming
The rhythm of our hearts!

Rainbows, iridescent Rainbows
Following the clouds below
If your dress shone as bright
Painting rainbows on the sky

Stories like walnut shells
Little walnut shells
Floating downstream
I think I know

When little bells ring
You will be here
Don't go away this time
Stay, stay, stay, stay

It's very lonely without you
I don't know how to cocoon myself
Very well slip sliding across the sky
To you

You likened me to...

I will look under one rock
One rock
If I try to look under many rocks
Then I will see nothing.
Under one rock I may see something
If I take my time
I would like to get to know
What is under all the rocks
But I don't have time
I will let those rocks
Be for you and you and yes


Slow and steady wins the race!

Isn't it amazing
All the flowers and leaves!

"For Kym"
Juhan Puhm, July 2009